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Inspiration + Tips for Creating a Lead Magnet Website for Real Estate Agents

You know you need a new website, but don't know where to start? Here are the elements you need to have site visitors beating a path to your (virtual) door.

Inspiration + Tips for Creating a Lead Magnet Website for Real Estate Agents

According to a recent survey of NAR members, keeping up with technology topped real estate agent lists as the biggest real estate business challenge they currently face. Indeed, many real estate agents find themselves feeling more like digital marketing consultants than real estate professionals these days. When building a website for real estate agents, it's important to consider the unique needs of the agents themselves and the way their potential clients use the platform.

A real estate agent website isn't just a place for people to learn more about the business or the local market; it's an essential lead capture tool and the cornerstone of a comprehensive real estate marketing strategy. Find out what elements make a successful real estate agent website so that you can begin reaping the rewards of your own beautiful, fully optimized site.

Brand Identity

One of the most important ways that a website can benefit you in promoting your real estate business is by helping you to define and communicate your brand identity. Whether your business is focused on you as a top producer, your market and the expertise you share, or a specific and narrow niche like military families or senior adults, a great website can help you to reach your ideal potential clients.

Strive for unity in design and branding across your website and other channels like social media platforms and email marketing in order to further refine your brand's look and messaging.

Design + Appearance

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and that is especially true in today's website design. Gorgeous custom photography is a must but it can slow down website loading and performance. It is essential to optimize both the technical design and aesthetic appearance of your website in order to ensure maximum functionality for a better navigational experience for your site visitors.

Sticky Pages

All of the beautiful design in the world won't matter if visitors spend only a few seconds on your website. Engaging content, informational variety, and compelling visuals can help to make each page of your website stickier, inviting visitors to stay a little longer and providing you with more time to sell them on your services. Link to additional information within your website and its content in order to keep visitors engaged within the site even longer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization involves a variety of both technical and content-related practices that help your website rank higher in search engine algorithms. Meta descriptions, location tagging, and keyword analysis are all elements that can make the difference between the first page of Google and the fifth. Continue to add new, organic content over time in order to maintain that high ranking and seek out opportunities for backlinks from high authority sites.

Engaging Content

Besides the content on the web pages themselves, your website is a place for you to host an ever-growing library of additional custom content.

  • Blog

    Create blog posts on an ongoing basis in order to share your expertise, your community's best features, and to answer the questions that buyers and sellers bring to the process. Balance evergreen posts with more timely content in order to draw in visitors and keep them there. In addition, consider long-form Ultimate Guides to buying, selling, and the lending process in order to boost SEO and keep visitors coming back.

  • Podcast

    Whether you co-host with a colleague or teammate or interview prominent local figures, a podcast is a great way for you to add content and increase your reputation as the local market expert. Don't limit yourself to real estate topics -- consider local events, local politics, schools, sports, and outdoor activities as a focus for your podcast.

  • Video

    Similarly, video content is a great way for you to get out and about in the community and connect with current and prospective residents. Don't worry about being camera ready -- people will be more focused on your personality and the value-added content you are providing than on wrinkles or that extra five pounds.

Property Search

Some real estate websites employ an integrated IDX platform in order to provide property search services to site visitors. Whether you do this or simply provide featured listings for your area, many visitors to your website will expect to be able to look at properties currently available in your market.

Reviews + Testimonials

Your website should have a place for reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients. This can be a separate page on the site or a scroll along the homepage. In addition, if you have worked with local businesses or local developers and builders, or if you have been featured in local media stories, a brag board of logos can provide an instant, visual representation of your expertise and online presence.

Effective Lead Capture

Your website should have a robust lead capture mechanism in order to help you grow your CRM for marketing initiatives. Whether you capture contact information for subscribers to your blog or put part of your content behind a firewall requiring an email address for access, your real estate agent website is your most important point of contact for lead generation and conversion of site visitors into potential clients.

Mobile Optimization

Your real estate website must be optimized for mobile devices, both phones and tablets. Loading speed, design, and appearance should all be considered as well as the ease of navigation on your mobile display.


Retargeting allows you to show your promotional message to site visitors even after they've left your website. Google ads, Facebook ads, and other platforms help to remind previous visitors of you, your service, and your expertise -- and bring them back for more. There are a variety of services and strategies you can work with in order to ensure that your retargeting efforts are as wide-ranging and successful as possible.

Tips October 16, 2019
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