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10 Essential Tips for Real Estate Marketing

When you're looking for new ways to market your real estate services, it can be easy to get stuck in one format or one platform. In reality, however, it is important to diversify your real estate marketing so that you can reach more potential clients and draw them into your content creation and social media environments. The question is no longer whether to create real estate videos or focus on social media -- you need to adopt a variety of strategies. Below, we have ten essential tips to make your real estate marketing more interesting, more meaningful, and more effective than ever.

10 Essential Tips for Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Video Marketing

For a while, marketing experts talked about written content marketing online and in social media platforms. Then, it became important to add visual elements like high-resolution photos to your posts. Now, video is King and everyone is thinking about how they can develop effective video content strategies. Real estate video marketing allows you to connect with fans and followers in new and exciting ways. It's a virtual introduction that people can come back to again and again and share with others. Here are some of the types of video content you should be creating.

  • 1. Listing Videos

    Listing videos are a great way to show off your new real estate listings. Give your followers a virtual tour or take them through the staging process. If your new listing has had some updates and upgrades done, follow along with the contractor's progress as the new design take shape. If nothing else, be sure to show the process of putting up that huge sign in the front yard. People are always fascinated by it and it's frequently good for a laugh.

  • 2. Open House Videos

    When you hold the open house for that new listing, be sure to create some video content. You might want to do a Facebook live, IGTV video, or Snapchat Story. In addition, you'll want to have a video on your YouTube channel and embed a video in a blog post description of the property. It's a great way to get more eyeballs and more early attention on that new listing during the first weekend or two that it's on the market. Remember, the more traffic, both IRL and virtual, the more potential home buyers there are for your new listing.

  • 3. How-To Video Content

    One winning type of content is a how-to video. You can take people through the mortgage application process, you can talk through a buyer or seller process, or you can show how to do minor home repairs and improvements. If you know some local experts who would be willing to share their expertise, interview them as well. Let them explain their field or demonstrate a new skill.

Social Media for Real Estate Marketing

You'll be sharing much of your real estate video marketing content through your social media channels. Social media is about engagement, so making authentic connections is essential. Video is great for that purpose. When you are planning your social media marketing, be sure that you know who your audience is. You may also want to have separate platforms for different niches or for different micro-markets.

  • 4. Outreach to Potential Clients

    Of course, everything that you do is geared toward outreach to potential clients, however video marketing is uniquely useful for this purpose. Think of it as an opportunity to sit down for an initial interview with potential clients. Give them an opportunity to get to know you and give them a reason to want to work with you.

  • 5. Home Buyer Content

    Share home buyer content on social media and use hashtags or boosts to direct that content to audiences who will be uniquely interested. For example, a Facebook post about first-time home buying boosted to an audience of renters within a specific zip code creates a great opportunity to reach buyer clients in your market.

  • 6. Home Seller Content

    Similarly, reach out to home sellers or potential home sellers within a specific area. You may want to think about targeting your message toward homeowners who are retiring within a specific zip code. They will, in many cases, be considering downsizing and/or relocating. When targeting content toward home sellers, you may want to also think in terms of additional services you can provide, like referrals in a new market or your staging or buyer services.

  • 7. Homeowner Content

    Just because someone is not yet thinking about selling a home doesn't mean that they don't need to talk with you or hear from you on social media. Home refinancing opportunities, value-added home improvements, quick and easy home repairs, market snapshots . . . all of these give you an opportunity to communicate and stay top-of-mind with homeowners in your area who will eventually become clients. Host a Facebook group for a favorite neighborhood or neighborhood organization in order to keep that engagement even more consistent.

Email Blasts

Creating email content that you share on a regular basis can be a great way to reach a variety of stakeholders in your area. Whether you share your own original content or the latest news on real estate in the area, you'll find that it keeps the lines of communication open with audiences who need to hear from you, and who you need to hear from as well.

  • 8. Sphere of Influence

    Your sphere of influence includes family, friends, acquaintances, and any number of connections you know personally and interact with. These should form the basis of your real estate marketing contact list and should be regularly marketed to for real estate services. Remember, just because someone knows you doesn't mean that they will necessarily call you when they are thinking of buying or selling a home. It's up to you to ensure that you stay on their radar and that you stay aware of their real estate needs through consistent communication.

  • 9. Local Market Video Updates

    On a weekly or monthly basis your local Association probably provides statistics for the real estate market in your area, including homes bought and sold, the types of homes that are popular, and other measures of market strength. Turn those dry statistics into a fun and engaging local market video update to share with your sphere and leads, as well as former clients. it shows your expertise and gives you new, ever-changing information to share.

  • 10. Drip Campaigns for the Selling and Buying Process

    Don't think in terms of a single email. A drip campaign that follows buyer and seller leads through the process of preparing for or embarking on a real estate transaction can be a great way to stay top-of-mind and ensure that you are their first choice when it's time to sign a representation agreement. Drip campaigns can be created once, then when a lead opts in on your website or through an event you can start them on a scheduled series of emails designed to steer them toward their sale or purchase.

Tips September 12, 2019
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