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How to choose the right real estate marketing company for your business

To be a successful real estate agent you need to do more than just sell properties. In a highly digitalized world, you have to constantly market yourself and your brand to current and potential clients. However, the days of traditional billboards, newspaper and magazine advertising are long gone. Today, most home buyers begin their search online, where you need to catch their attention on the right platforms with the specific information that they’re seeking.

How to choose the right real estate marketing company for your business

To better serve the needs of your current clients, as well as line up continuous leads that feed into your sales funnel it is a good idea to outsource your digital marketing functions to third-party real estate marketing companies that are specialists in their fields. Between marketing properties and selling them you undoubtedly have your hands full. You don’t want to be doing rounds of listings, only to return home late in the evening to then jump onto a computer and start on your real estate agency’s branding work! But with so many real estate marketing companies to choose from where do you start?

Read on to find out what you need from real estate marketing companies so that your agency’s requirements are met in the best way possible.

Things to look for in real estate marketing companies

Real estate marketing companies are more than just generic marketing firms. They are mavens that focus on planning digital marketing strategies for real estate professionals and their services. They understand the nuances of your industry and speak the language that relates to the buying and selling of properties. What’s more, they’re also digital marketing experts who know how to position you so that you stand out from your competition.

You want more than generalists. A good agency will offer a selection of marketing plans that cover a range of facilities. Professional real estate marketing companies usually provide their clients with comprehensive digital marketing solutions that cover website designing, regular updating schedules, social media platform maintenance, and advertising.

Partnering with a result-oriented company can offer 360-degree digital marketing solutions—from content creation, leads nurturing, to closing. It not only keeps your sales funnel full of potentials but through the use of the latest marketing tools, specialized real estate marketing companies can analyze results to formulate advanced marketing campaigns that make the most of planned SEO and Google Ad functions.

Hiring the right kind of real estate marketing companies for your business

Once you have narrowed down your search among real estate marketing companies to one that fits your requirements, you need to look at the services they offer. You need a company that not only understands real estate branding and marketing strategies but can also help you nurture leads to closing—only then do you make a sale that reflects on your bottom line!

If you've never worked with a marketing agency, you may be asking yourself some or all of the following questions:

  • What are some of the digital solutions that real estate marketing companies can provide your business?

  • What strategies and platforms can real estate marketing companies employ?

  • How can real estate marketing companies’ strategies help elevate your business?

Let’s start at the top.

What are some of the digital solutions that real estate marketing companies can provide your business?

Begin by evaluating the areas of your business you want promoted and highlighted. After all, there are many kinds of agencies working in the real estate ecosphere. Real estate marketing companies help you get more sales by leveraging different marketing tactics to attract your ideal customer. Assuredly you want to lead with your strengths and present your best face forward. So, if you are a specialist in a particular niche or market segment, a listing agent, or a buyer agent, you want a real estate marketing company that can present this to the best advantage. When you have identified a central message that you want to convey, you have a starting point for your goals. This exercise will also help you identify areas of weakness that your real estate digital marketing company can help bridge.

Using real estate marketing companies to define your brand and its Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Surprisingly, most real estate agents and firms do not have a defined brand and value proposition. Real estate digital marketing companies can help you look at other agents or brokers to pinpoint areas you can build on. Once you have identified your unique strength and expertise in a segment, a digital marketing firm can work on the branding elements. This can include detailed market research, photography services, logo creation and more. You should only begin a marketing initiative once you have recognized your brand identity and the clients you are trying to attract… and real estate digital marketing firms can help you to get there.

Undertaking a branding exercise with real estate marketing companies will not only help you communicate clearly and effectively with your clients across your multiple platforms, but it will also give you a brand value that you can build on and enhance.

What strategies and platforms can real estate marketing companies employ?

We’ve already mentioned that most of your past, current, and potential clients are online across many different platforms. To reach them where they are most receptive, real estate marketing companies employ many strategies. These include:

  • Email marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Online marketing through paid advertisements

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every real estate agent and agency knows what these platforms entail but professionally managing every channel is a full-time job—one that requires time, commitment, and consistency. While you may have so far handled the creation and management of your company's online presence internally, you need to go the way of professional real estate marketing companies if you want to elevate and unify your various accounts. A targeted marketing strategy—a website designed to outrank the competition and professional content creation—can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your platforms.

Real estate marketing companies’ suite of services

Once you have identified the services and strategies that are uniquely suited to your agency’s marketing strategy, you are in a better position to compare what different real estate marketing companies are offering. It’s a good idea to ask about what they specialize in, how they are priced, and what value addition they will bring to the table. Only then see how they align with your real estate company's needs. Some of the marketing strategies you may want to ask about include:

Google AdWords

With more than 90% of internet users turning to Google as their first choice of search engine for a query, Google AdWords is a great way to capture the attention of potential customers right at the moment they’re aware that they have a problem. Real estate marketing companies know that running an AdWords campaign that targets those prospects can be highly profitable in highlighting your business. As AdWord campaigns are based on strategic keywords, real estate marketing companies can test out different ads, evaluate effectiveness, and use what works best for you.


Getting your articles and your blog pages to rank high in searches isn’t just about building brand awareness or getting more page views. There’s more to it than that. In a real estate market that is hyperlocal and highly competitive, SEO (when used right) can give you a fighting chance that gets your content ranking higher. Real estate marketing companies are experts who can help you audit where you stand currently and where improvements are needed. Using keywords and SEO friendly URLs, optimizing titles and metadata, and images descriptions, among a whole lot of technical solutions, real estate marketing companies ensure that you can capture potential customers at the perfect stage in the buyer’s journey—right when they realize they have a problem and need your solution!

Facebook advertising

Real estate Facebook advertising gives real estate agents the chance to capture and convert leads with minimal effort. Real estate marketing companies use Facebook’s wide user base to target gender, education level, income, location, interests, status updates, and even major life events. As Facebook is a very visual platform it also allows the sharing of pictures, videos, and creative graphics in unique layouts and options. Real estate marketing companies know how to leverage Facebook for specific targeting functions that deliver on ROI.

Video advertising

Video has become one of the most powerful tools available to real estate businesses. Not only do videos add more dimension and personality to visual listings and your brand, but YouTube (the main video streaming platform) is owned by Google. As the #2 search engine in the world, Google weighs videos differently when computing web rankings.

Not only can real estate marketing companies design, shoot, and stylize professional videos for promotions, they can plan marketing campaigns that target audiences by demographic, online behavior, location, interest, and more.

Mobile marketing

With 80% of today’s homebuyers searching for a new home online, mobile marketing is the need of the hour. Real estate marketing companies know that over 50% of mobile searches lead to purchase. If you are not recognizing and employing the technologies that exist, and more importantly, how to integrate them into your marketing strategies, then you are missing out on vital opportunities that can help your business grow. As real estate marketing companies know how to generate leads, use feedback through QR codes and retarget lost social media traffic in the best way possible, they ensure that you keep lead generation active 24/7.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of any smart digital marketing strategy, but it is a time-consuming task the requires diligence and commitment. Most companies think creating content is writing a few blogs every week and slapping them up on a website. Real estate marketing companies know that it is more than that! They know that generating sales and not vanity metrics requires blog post generation, infographic creation, SEO writing, content analysis, and social media promotion.

Email marketing

Even with huge social media networks, email still generates the most ROI for marketers. In fact, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in return. Real estate marketing companies offer services like list building and design engagement strategies so that your leads do not go cold. By properly tagging and segmenting your subscriber base, real estate marketing companies help you deliver valuable, targeted content to each of your subscribers.

How can real estate marketing companies’ strategies help elevate your business?

Marketing is the primary method of communication to let your customers know who are and what you do. But only talking about real estate is a sure-shot way of losing clients. Clients are more likely to buy from you when they like you and trust you. That is why you have to deliver value behind your words and actions.

Lead generation

Real estate marketing companies get that. That’s why they involve multiple lead generation strategies where they throw the proverbial juiciest worm to get a fish to take a bite:

  • Real estate marketing companies help you build partnerships with people and businesses in local communities and areas. They also organize educational events that impart information.

  • Real estate marketing companies advertise offline through traditional billboards and newspapers, and online through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. They canvas neighborhood mailboxes with your cards; answer real estate questions on Quora; blog regularly and keep your website updated, as well as work on lead magnets that bring clients’ information into your sales funnel.

Lead nurturing

Getting a potential client interested is half the game. Real estate marketing companies help you build on the relationship until your client becomes a confirmed sale. As every customer is different, real estate marketing companies help you:

  • Tailor your approach to each unique communication platform.

  • Use technology to sort your leads and stay in touch.

  • Channel energies towards the leads who are more responsive.

  • Direct conversations that keep the client’s interest (through email follow-ups, calls, or in-person), and post videos that are client specific and get high engagement.


If there’s one truth in real estate, it’s this: success hinges on relationships. You need to stay on top of your client’s needs, respond quickly and anticipate trends. And with everything that’s on your plate it’s a hard thing to do! That’s why you need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that can take care of real estate client relationships and the data and information associated with them.

Real estate marketing companies can help you do that. They can manage leads, monitor lead generation campaigns, handle contacts, upload documents and contracts, manage your calendar, and stay on top of real estate developments by providing you with easy access to various real estate lead web pages. With a real estate marketing company guiding you through a CRM system, you can work and communicate with your partners 24×7 and research sites on the go. Real estate marketing companies’ CRM systems integrate with your business’s internal systems to share client information, sell smart and reach your target. Well, there you have it! If you’re a broker or an agent who is looking to do better than “just good enough”, it’s time to level up. And hiring professional, result-oriented real estate marketing companies to provide 360-degree marketing solutions can help you get there.

For information on how you can win at marketing to win at real estate, get in touch .

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