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5 reasons why your business needs to hire real estate advertising agencies

With insights, tips, and tricks so easily available online, you may be wondering if you really need the help of real estate advertising agencies for your marketing and promotional schemes. After all, your in-house marketing efforts seem to be working reasonably well. Why would you consider outside help from real estate advertising agencies when they possibly pose added financial costs and cumbersome coordination efforts? Are real estate advertising agencies worth the fuss?

5 reasons why your business needs to hire real estate advertising agencies

The truth is that the nature of marketing and advertising has changed. Gone are the days of traditional billboards and pavement signs that promote your services and your agency. Property buyers and sellers are looking for someone they trust, who will get them the best deal, and has their best interests at heart. And what’s more, increasing numbers of clients are doing this online. It’s impossible to establish client loyalty and sincerity with a picture and a sign. Real estate advertising agencies exist to help you refine your brand, find your voice and position your business in such a way that it inspires customers to trust in you and how you can add value.

In a digital world where most of your clients are online, you can’t afford to function without smart marketing and advertising strategies. Every real estate business owner knows that setting up and running an agency is a tiring and cumbersome process. From managing the day-to-day administrative end of things to handling finances as well as selling properties, there’s a lot to take care of. Realistically, you can’t handle everything, and your business’s marketing and advertising efforts can fall short of what is needed. As online advertising and marketing keep funneling new leads into your business, without an effective marketing strategy in place, you are going to miss out on huge opportunities.

This is where real estate advertising agencies can help you. They market and promote your business past traditional advertising to establish your brand online, help your products and services reach a wider audience, and get more sales—even if you are on a tight budget.

Listed below are five reasons how real estate advertising agencies can help your business grow:

1. Real estate advertising agencies help free up time so that you can focus on what you do best.

The last thing any agent/ broker wants to do at the end of a long day of property visits is sitting on a computer to work on their real estate advertising and marketing tasks. Using real estate advertising agencies can save realtors valuable time. When you outsource marketing to real estate advertising agencies, you or your teams do not need to spend time developing your company’s marketing and advertising campaigns.

This becomes especially important if you do not have staff that is dedicated to advertising work. Designing and executing an advertising strategy takes specialization, as well as familiarity with industry trends and technologies. Small real estate agency owners are so busy running their business that they do not have the time and resources to execute a well-planned promotional campaign. When you hire real estate advertising agencies for the job, you get professionals who take care of things so that you have more time to spend on running your business. It frees up your staff to do what they have been trained for—to sell properties!

Hiring real estate advertising agencies helps bring impartiality to your business.

Outsourcing marketing to real estate advertising agencies also gives you a healthy distance from your business’s promotional functions. The most effective and beneficial marketing decisions should ideally be taken impartially and can be implemented without any bias, prejudice, or constraints. What’s more, not only do you have the assurance that your real estate advertising agency is giving you expertise, knowledge, and skill but through feedback, reports and live status updates on the performance of the project, they can impartially tweak strategies to drive greater benefits.

Real estate advertising agencies help get multiple tasks accomplished without hassle.

For most small businesses that don’t have the resources to build large, sophisticated marketing teams, real estate advertising agencies can seamlessly bring a range of tasks like PPC campaigns, branding, email lists, and social media marketing, among others, into their services suite. This can help you use multiple marketing channels at the same time with ease and efficiency. Whether you want to update your branding on your website, write effective marketing copy, create blog articles that are on point with your message, or automate your social media functions, you can let the experts take care of things.

2. Real estate advertising agencies bring expert knowledge to the table.

With in-house staff, you’re likely to depend on a single marketing and advertising person to take care of all promotional tasks. When you hire real estate advertising agencies, you have a team of expert digital marketers working for you with their knowledge and experience at your disposal. Real estate advertising agencies engage full-time professionals to meticulously research and create the most effective marketing strategies for your company.

Real estate advertising agencies give you the benefit of their specialization.

Just in the same way you are an expert in selling properties, real estate advertising agencies are niche specialists in marketing real estate businesses in the industry. That means that they recognize the nuances of your field and the problems faced by your clients. With their in-depth understanding, they are in the best place to position marketing and advertising exercises that deliver results. What’s more, they have proven track records of previous successful marketing campaigns. Who better could you ask for to promote your business?

3. When you hire real estate advertising agencies you get much more than just marketing services

You may be thinking that real estate advertising agencies are a good fit for a big business and that their services are too pricey for smaller-sized real estate companies. But the truth is that real estate advertising agencies are for everybody—the big guys and the smaller businesses. They not only help real estate companies that have been in the market for a long time and already have an established name, but they’re also in the ideal position to help new and small real estate businesses develop and grow. They can help them reach wider audiences and clients through precise marketing campaigns and strategies.

Real estate advertising agencies give you the benefit of objective analysis.

Although no one will probably know as much about your company as you, your close association can also cloud your judgment. This can make it difficult to objectively analyze the performance and success of your marketing campaigns. Real estate advertising agencies give you the advantage of an objective, third-party analysis that can help build better digital marketing strategies and plans for further growth.

Real estate advertising agencies give you the advantage of the best available technology.

Did you know that there are more than 4,000 marketing technologies in use today? How do you choose the right one? When marketing teams operate in-house, they cannot access the latest technologies due to limited budgets and shared resource pools. Conversely, real estate advertising agencies have to keep themselves up to speed with the latest trends and digital implements in their industry. When you hire a company for your business’s marketing, you get access to their entire platform of tools and services along with prompt support and guidance about their optimal implementation.

Real estate advertising agencies deliver on a committed brand message.

Marketing functions require you to undertake many brand-building activities, from ad campaigns and branded marketing materials to digital media content, online listing services, and social media updates. When you hire a real estate advertising agency, you ensure that your real estate brand does not get lost in a market inundated with many competitors. Real estate advertising agencies not only help you understand who your customers are and who you are selling to, but they can also help position your brand so that it appeals to your audience. When the right message reaches the right people at the right time, you’ll be rewarded with new clients while retaining loyalty with your existing customers.

Real estate advertising agencies follow a strategy.

Real estate advertising agencies follow a methodology for successfully establishing online campaigns. They focus on developing a process that concentrates on your requirements and partnering them with marketing trends that work in different segments and areas. A marketing solutions company knows which strategies need to be applied to drive real results for your campaigns.

4. Real estate advertising agencies generate better leads for your business.

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any real estate agent’s business. Agents who have a solid, lead generation strategy in place benefit from a flow of clients whereas businesses without a plan are constantly scrambling for their next deal.

The truth is that marketing and lead generation go hand-in-hand. To generate the best leads, you need to not only understand what your clients want but also need to present and promote yourself as the agent/ agency that has the solution. This is where real estate advertising agencies can help you promote your services and your business most efficiently and effectively.

Real estate advertising agencies evaluate the competition to help you look better.

Real estate advertising agencies consider all the players in your market to help you discover what niche you serve best. They help you position and brand yourself accordingly and then advertise and promote your services in a way that appeals to clients. By considering what everyone else is doing, they help you position yourself in such a way that you stand out. And when clients “see” you clearer, it generates interest in your business and your services.

Your marketing strategies are constantly optimized and improved when you hire real estate advertising agencies.

When you hire real estate advertising agencies to undertake your marketing you expect lead generation that keeps funneling clients into your business—it’s a return on investment that delivers results. Your hired real estate advertising agency knows this. It’s a fact that keeps them on their toes. That is why real estate advertising agencies keep on optimizing marketing strategies for your company on an ongoing basis to ensure that they do not become outdated or ineffective.

5. Outsourcing marketing and advertising functions to real estate advertising agencies has higher ROI.

Real estate advertising agencies make sure that your money is invested properly to bring more leads and profits. With the right agency, unnecessary expenditures are skillfully avoided. Professional enterprises offer clear-cut packages, and you should be wary of companies that add last-minute costs over what you have been quoted. Whether you are a small agency that’s getting off the ground, or an established real estate business, hiring a marketing company ensures that your funds are used optimally so that you get the best returns on investment on your digital marketing.

Hiring real estate advertising agencies gives you cost savings.

Like any other professional service provider, one significant advantage of using a real estate advertising agency is the cost savings that come with outsourcing. Advertising agencies absorb the administrative and service-oriented expenses that you would have to bear if you tried to set up a whole marketing division in-house. They invest in the machinery, hire marketing and advertising top talent, and established distribution networks and systems. Simply paying a fee to real estate advertising agencies can help you cut down costs while retaining the best services.

Real estate advertising agencies deliver speed with accuracy.

As real estate advertising agencies already have the existing marketing infrastructure in place, they can execute campaigns with more speed and accuracy. Additionally, as they work with many brands, they are already knowledgeable about different guidelines, customer behaviors, and your competitor interests. This helps real estate advertising agencies work faster to offer strategies as per your campaign’s needs. By tracking and monitoring outcomes, they can also generate targets and meet goals more effectively.

Well, there you have it! There are many benefits to outsourcing your marketing functions to real estate advertising agencies. The bottom line, though, is that you have to work on establishing your business digitally. If you do not, you will not be able to grow. While it is tempting to keep all marketing and promotional work in-house, you will not be able to give it the due attention and importance it needs. In fact, by trying to do it yourself, you can end up not only wasting time but also harming your business’ name and reputation.

Real estate advertising agencies are important to help you grow as they commit to your business by bringing expertise and experience to the table. They can bring you a return on investment in a short period by targeting their marketing more effectively. They help you generate leads 24/7, achieve high results, and hit your targets.

To find out how Red Marketing can elevate your business’s advertising through targeted promotional schemes and plans, get in touch.

Strategies September 18, 2019
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