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10 Powerful Strategies for High Converting Real Estate Facebook Ads

If you’re looking at real estate Facebook ads to target people who might be interested in your real estate services, you'll want to make sure that your Facebook ads don't just get seen. They need to do more. You’ll want to incorporate effective strategies to ensure that potential leads act based on your ad’s message, so that they convert into clients. Listed below are ten strategies to ensure that your real estate Facebook ads are as effective and productive as you are.

10 Powerful Strategies for High Converting Real Estate Facebook Ads

1. Target effectively for the best real estate facebook ads

Whether it’s online or offline, targeting is an integral part of the marketing process. It improves the customer experience, builds awareness about your services, and even helps to improve existing processes within your enterprise. Whether it’s online or offline, targeting is an integral part of the marketing process. It improves the customer experience, builds awareness about your services, and even helps to improve existing processes within your enterprise.

Your Facebook marketing campaigns cannot be effective if they are not properly targeted. Ensure that your ads are being shown to potential buyers and sellers in the market you're most interested in. To do this right, you need to drill down deep into people’s specific interests to create Facebook ads for real estate buyers that lead to responses and sales conversion. Use Facebook's in-depth targeting capabilities to direct your pitch to people in specific niches, professions, or stages of life. This includes targeting users who fit a range of criteria—from recently engaged couples, parents with new children, or retirees who might be looking to upsize or downsize. As Facebook allows you to target customers based on behavior, demographics, interests, and location, the best real estate Facebook ads are those that are designed to meet these criteria. Only then can a business see higher sales conversions.

2. Exercise caution when designing facebook ads for real estate buyers

The speed at which news travels on social media is unprecedented. Companies and advertisers can just as easily become memes or find themselves in a PR crisis. That’s why it’s important for Facebook advertisers, and specifically real estate advertisers to proceed with caution.

Make sure that the targeting you do on Facebook ads for real estate buyers follows Fair Housing Laws and industry-specific ethical practices. Don’t target to exclude people or particular groups but rather to focus on key indicators that will generate leads – there is a difference. Lead generation can be accomplished without being ethically questionable. Make sure you understand the rules and comply.

3. Utilize video content for the best real estate facebook ads

Everyone has heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. By the same extension then, a video is priceless! Creating video content for Facebook ads for real estate buyers can seem like a lot of work, but video marketing has a huge ROI. 83% of video marketers say that it helps with lead generation. What’s more, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year and a 54% increase in brand awareness. So, there’s no shortage of reasons why digital marketers should not be incorporating video content into their Facebook marketing strategies.

On the other side of the equation, 90% of consumers say that video content helps them make better purchase decisions. Given the benefits of incorporating video content into Facebook ads for real estate buyers, it’s a good idea to plan a video marketing strategy that drives higher engagement and conversions.

Video content helps to show who you are to potential clients in a way that feels authentic and exciting. Perhaps that is why it is by far the most popular type of content on Facebook. Use video content to connect with the leads you're looking for and show them why you would be wonderful to work with. Remember, real estate marketing is really about relationship-building. When you show that you are smart, approachable, and fun, you present yourself in a way that makes working with you irresistible!

To help your target audience connect with your brand and your business, you can employ the use of different kinds of video formats on Facebook ads for real estate buyers. Try Facebook Live for raw, authentic engagement that shows who you are and what you do. Your viewers will be able to react and engage in real-time, helping you to build better customer relationships. You can also create interview-style videos that introduce your audience to you, your brokers, agents, and loyal clients who are happy with your services. People enjoy real stories as it helps them connect, and as real estate buying and selling are emotional transactions, a connection is what you need! Lastly, you can also use videos with animation that inform using numbers and interactive visuals.

4. Split testing when designing facebook ads for real estate buyers

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to create the best real estate Facebook ads in your first go. And one of the reasons why digital marketing campaigns on Facebook have a high ROI is because the medium allows unique opportunities to continuously test and improve your Facebook ads.

When you are designing Facebook ads for real estate buyers, it is a good idea to create multiple versions of your ad and try them out, refining as you go. For example, you can use different pictures with the same words, headlines, and ad copy, all to refine the formula that works best for lead generation. Find out which ones get the most click-throughs, lead to the most genuine engagement, and which are high-converting.

You can measure your lead generation efforts by collating the total number of Facebook users that access your landing page through your advertisement against those that provide their information. Using Google Analytics you can also get a clearer picture of the performance of your ads. Lastly, make sure to promote your ad to unique users. Seeing the same ad over and over again can make viewers averse to your business. Facebook recommends keeping ad frequency at a maximum of twice per week.

5. Consider carousels for the best real estate facebook ads

Similarly, by providing carousels with various versions of your message you can appeal to different groups, different niches, and different types of buyers and sellers in your market. Carousels help you turn your one-size-fits-all marketing message into a highly individual targeted message that encourages engagement and conversions.

However, you need to use carousels with caution. Often, carousels that are displayed above the fold on a website can be too distracting, especially if the nature of the advertisement doesn’t fit well with the use of carousels. You want online users to convert to customers, instead of endlessly scrolling through carousel images. Choose content that makes the most sense being displayed on a carousel instead of adding anything and everything you have. To design the best real estate Facebook ads, consider client testimonials or images of property on carousels. It’s an easy and visually fun way to convey important information to Facebook users.

6. Convert facebook users with landing pages

We’ve all heard it a million times: first impressions matter. After all, consider the importance of curb appeal in real estate. When you take a client to see a house, real estate brokers know how critical it is for the property to make a good first impression. The same holds for digital real estate-related interactions. Real estate brokers and agents operating in the online space need to engage users that come across an ad for the first time with an extra juicy bone. You want the user to stick around long enough to convert into a lead.

Landing pages are a perfect opportunity for your real estate business to make an impactful first impression. They give users a quick look at what your business has to offer and what your brand is all about. Landing pages are, therefore, the digital equivalent of an attractive curb. If curated correctly, landing pages can provide the minimum necessary information your prospective client needs to become a lead.

Sending ad responders to a standard website without a landing page means that you’re missing out on a major part of the sales funnel, as well as falling short on the Facebook ads' potential. If you create targeted landing pages that effectively deliver your sales message or provide additional information, you create the potential for higher conversion rates. By allowing you to sell a little more before that first contact, you warm up those leads so that you have a better chance of turning them into clients.

7. The best real estate facebook ads use trends to engage

It’s crucial in advertising to not become stale, bland, or boring. Your online engagement will invariably fall if your digital presence, voice, and look are dated. So, it’s a good idea to stay in touch with what’s trending. What is going on in your Facebook feed today? Is there a new meme, a new joke, or a new challenge that everyone is doing? Putting your real estate-related spin on it and engaging with potential clients by becoming part of that broader conversation is a great way to keep in touch with your audiences.

Just remember when you’re trying to make Facebook ads for real estate buyers, it’s important to not get bogged down by conventional practices. Use humor and wit to keep users interested. Not only can it drive higher engagement, but you may also benefit from extra “likes” and “shares” amongst even wider audiences.

A small word of caution though: be careful not to be too controversial. You don’t want to attract negative attention that ends up making your brand into a meme.

8. Facebook ads for real estate buyers that woo with incentives

Who doesn’t enjoy getting points with their coffee purchases, which they can then redeem for free goodies? People love to receive something for nothing. So, encouraging engagement and conversion with incentives is a great way to offer added value.

There are many customer touchpoints where you can be interacting with clients but to start a loyalty program or provide the incentive you need to understand the profile of your prospective customer. Figure out what they would want and how much they are willing to interact with your business for that incentive. Do you have a perfectly curated and useful moving checklist? What about a Complete Buyer's Guide? Are you offering a class for first-time homebuyers? A whitepaper, infographic, or tickets to an event that you are hosting? All these ideas (and more) are great incentives for potential clients and real estate leads to click on your real estate ad and get to know you better. Also, when done right, Facebook users also get a sneak peek into the quality of the services you provide. That’s two benefits in one!

9. The best real estate facebook ads add value

Speaking of incentives, make sure that everything you deliver on Facebook is value-added. Nobody is clicking on an advertisement for the sake of it—they want to feel like there’s something special and/or valuable in it for them. So, add value to your ads. Send users to your latest blog post or your most recent YouTube video to give them meaningful, actionable information that helps informs their decision making when it comes to renting and/ or buying. Once you make them part of your community, you have more and more opportunities to engage and convert them into clients.

10. The best real estate facebook ads use a call to action

Making killer Facebook ads for real estate is not enough. You also need users to act. Often, people experience information overload that leaves them wondering what to do next. Putting up an ad without making it clear what action the viewer should take is like shouting into the wind. They need instructions! Do you want people to learn more about your service? Do you want them to schedule an appointment? Do you just want them to have a conversation with you? Whatever action you want them to take, you should spell it out and make it clear. That way, you'll end up with more of whatever you're looking for—and they'll end up with you as their real estate agent. Providing clear instructions to users also helps you measure the performance of your Facebook ads without ambiguity against the defined criterion.

Facebook ads can be an incredibly effective way to generate leads and to bring new people into your world. Potential buyers and sellers can get to know you and find out what it would be like to work with you before ever contacting you in real life. That can be a huge advantage if you use the platform correctly and as part of a larger, overall conversion plan. While Facebook ads are affordable, they only pay for themselves if you can generate leads that turn into clients. Through smart conversion strategies and an A-to-Z approach that seamlessly moves people from one part of your digital marketing world to the next, you'll eventually end up in a real-life meeting that allows you to sign those warmed-up leads—and take them to the closing table.

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