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10 Powerful Strategies for High Converting Real Estate Facebook Ads

Stop throwing away ad dollars by maximizing conversions on your Facebook marketing.

10 Powerful Strategies for High Converting Real Estate Facebook Ads

Many real estate professionals make real estate Facebook ads the cornerstone of their digital marketing strategy. Others throw in the towel after a few rounds of ads because they aren't seeing the results they're looking for from Facebook advertising. In order to ensure that your real estate marketing strategy is effective, you need a system to ensure conversions before, during, and after you schedule that real estate ad.

10 Steps to Making Real Estate Facebook Ads More Effective

Getting the most out of your real estate Facebook ad strategies and marketing dollars requires you to think through the entire lifecycle of your Facebook advertising, from decisions about your intent to analysis after the ad run.

1. Know Your Purpose for Facebook Marketing

Facebook ads are not about putting your headshot on everyone's feed. You can do a variety of things with your real estate Facebook ads, including

  • Advertising a listing

  • Announcing an event

  • Educating potential buyers

  • Providing market information

  • Distributing organic content

  • Speaking to a niche

  • Attracting investors

  • Providing home valuations to potential sellers

The more value-added your Facebook ad is, the more likely people are to click on it. Remember, marketing should be about the service you can provide rather than a sales pitch focused on you.

2. Target People Who Are Ready to Move

One of the reasons people love real estate Facebook ads is because they offer so many opportunities for targeting your ideal audience. Whether you want to talk to potential buyers, potential sellers, or a small specialty niche, you can find them on Facebook.

In addition, you can use lifestyle targeting to direct your ads to people who are experiencing life events that might cause them to buy or sell a home. Engagements, marriages, births, retirements: all of these lead to household changes where you can provide service.

Since most real estate businesses are focused on a particular geographic area, you can refine your targeting even further by zip code or neighborhood. For example, you could target people who identify as renters and live and work in a specific area you serve in order to find potential first-time home buyers.

3. Understand That Timing Is Everything

It is important for you to think through the placement of your real estate Facebook ads. You may want to take a look at engagement on your Facebook page, other social media platforms, or blog to see when people are connecting to your message. You may also want to try focusing on weekends only, when people are likely to be online looking at open houses.

Try a variety of ad placements at different times and on different days to see when your ads seem to resonate. Early morning, late evening, or during the post-lunch slump at the office are all possibilities.

Don't forget holidays when people are likely to be off work and have more time to just scroll their feed. In addition, because so many people are on Facebook posting photos from their celebrations, they may be more likely to see your message and have more time to click-through and engage with it.

4. Use Royalty-Free, Hi-Res Photos

It is vital for you to use high quality photography to accompany your Facebook advertising. Grainy or poorly composed shots of a new listing will not get it sold. Hire a professional photography service to ensure the highest quality listing photos.

If you are looking for stock photography to accompany your ad's message, check out online resources like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. They provide a variety of sizes, styles, and subjects to help your Facebook ads stand out.

5. Create Compelling Video Content

In terms of engagement, video is the current king of social media. Attention-getting and interesting, high quality video content can ensure more likes and more shares. Remember that not everyone is able to watch videos with the sound on, so accurate closed captioning is a plus for optimizing your video views.

6. Use Carousel Ads to Tell a Story

Instead of depending on one image to do the talking for you, choose carousel ads to reach a variety of potential buyers and sellers as well as to tell a story to your audience. You can use carousel ads to describe the different steps in a process, show the various areas of a market, or show a variety of features in a listing.

7. Choose a Clear Call to Action

There is no point in putting together the most beautiful real estate Facebook ad if you don't ask the audience to do anything with the information you're providing. Invite them to register for an event, ask them to click on a link, ask them to contact you: in short, ask them to do something.

A clear call-to-action serves a dual purpose. It not only helps to engage your audience, it also helps you to track the effectiveness of your ad strategies. When you can connect a lead with a specific Facebook ad and a specific call to action you can learn which messages and ad styles are most effective.

8. Create a Dedicated Landing Page

Many people direct their ad to click through to their standard website. This gives your audience no clear direction and leaves them aimlessly clicking through the various pages of your site with no purpose in mind. By contrast, a dedicated landing page can continue the message you've begun in your ad, guiding them deeper into your sales funnel and providing opportunities to engage and respond.

9. Review Your Analytics

Facebook advertising brings with it a variety of tools for tracking the way that people engage with your ads. Review your analytics frequently in order to better understand who is engaging, how they're engaging, and what action they're taking -- or not taking -- based on your real estate Facebook ads.

10. Continue to Refine for Higher Conversions

Once you have reviewed your analytics you can continue to refine your messaging, ad styles, timing, and targeting in order to find a formula that results in a higher rate of conversions. This will save you money over time as you can optimize your ad strategies for those elements that consistently pay dividends.

Many people find real estate Facebook ads to be game-changers for their business, but they're not a magic wand. Like other ad strategies, Facebook advertising requires planning and analysis to ensure success. Start out gradually learning what gets results for you in order to grow into a robust Facebook marketing plan.

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Strategies November 20, 2019
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