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Why You Need to Hire a Real Estate Marketing Company

The time was that real estate marketing was more about door knocking and cold calling than anything else. In fact, some brokerage companies still push these old-fashioned and outmoded ways of building and earning business. Aside from the security and privacy concerns of this type of "marketing," it's just not an effective way to connect with people any longer. That's why a real estate marketing company is a necessity for today's busy real estate agent or broker.

Why You Need to Hire a Real Estate Marketing Company

How a real estate marketing company provides leverage for your business.

We are used to thinking of leverage in terms of hiring a new assistant or outsourcing some aspect of operations, like bookkeeping and tax preparation. However, many real estate agents spend too much time trying to get up to speed on the latest marketing innovations -- time that could be better spent providing stellar service to clients and following up on leads and referrals. A full-service digital marketing agency specializing in real estate can create massive leverage in your business along with exceptional growth. Here's how.


How much time do you currently spend producing a blog, video, or podcast? How much time do you spend trying to get up to speed on the latest social media marketing techniques and strategies? What could you do with that time instead? More training? A new certification? Face time with your most important clients?

Imagine the time it takes to become an expert in content creation, social media marketing, search engine optimization, branding, and marketing best practices. Now add additional marketing platforms like email, video, and podcasting. Finding the most effective content and the way to share it as well as optimizing it in a technical sense is a more than full-time job -- and you've already got one of those.

A real estate marketing company provides professional content creators, developers, SEO experts, graphic designers and more in order to create and optimize the best possible digital footprint for your real estate brokerage or related business. An agency specializing in real estate content creation and optimization can take the place of an entire in-house branding, marketing, and PR staff.

In order to provide all of the services you need, you would have to hire and pay a dedicated staff to keep you producing a diverse array of content and driving traffic to it. When you work with a full-service digital marketing agency, you'll find that the skills you need are built-in and available to you on an ongoing basis.


Even if you had time, how much expertise do you currently have in

  • Website design and development

  • Search Engine Optimization, including Local SEO

  • Email marketing platforms and strategies

  • Blogging, Video Production, and Podcasting

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Graphic Design

Real estate business owners have to keep up with contract changes, market shifts, economic impacts, and ongoing training and professional development. The expertise you develop as a real estate professional is the foundation of your business and the way that you connect with potential clients. While lead gen comes from your marketing efforts, those leads are interested in your real estate expertise, not your follower count.

By leveraging the technical, design, and marketing expertise of a marketing company that specializes in real estate, you have time to develop your expertise in real estate without the need to develop expertise in the latest marketing platforms and strategies. Keep up with the things that make you successful -- not the latest social network.

Technical Knowledge

Developing an understanding of the ins and outs of a real estate transaction requires an understanding of legal precedent, financial and investment strategies, interior and exterior design, and more. In addition, because the market and the legal landscape is always changing, the knowledge base is continually changing as well.

There's no reason for a real estate agent or broker to have to become an expert in all of the technical aspects of graphic design, content creation, video editing, website design, and SEO strategies. Your clients don't become real estate experts in order to work with you -- they hire you for your expertise.

Similarly, in order to have a great digital marketing setup, you don't need to develop expertise in digital marketing. You need to find a marketing agency specializing in real estate and leave it to the experts.

Social media platforms change their rules, user interface, and algorithm every few weeks, it seems. Optimizing content for search engines is just as variable. Why try to keep up a field other than real estate? When you hire the right marketing company, you never have to.


Have you ever checked out a company's website and laughed at how out-of-date it seemed? Design trends, colors, fonts, images -- all of these and more can date your website and make it look old-fashioned and out of touch.

The same thing happens with social media posts -- there's nothing worse than seeing an out-of-date meme or a low resolution image on someone's Facebook or Instagram feed. It makes them look a bit silly and certainly doesn't convey they sophisticated, professional image they're going for.

Email marketing can also suffer from this type of outmoded design with content everyone has seen a million times and images that look bland and generic. It's the kind of content that feels salesy and causes people to unsubscribe without a second glance.

Staying up to date on the latest content and design trends means that your digital marketing materials get the right kind of attention -- the kind that comes from feeling new and fresh. Why spend all of your time reading up on the latest trends when you can let your real estate digital marketing company put their insights to work, keeping your digital media platforms up to date and gorgeous.

Whether you're looking for a new website, shareable video content, social media marketing expertise or you want to capture and leverage online reviews, Red Marketing is the real estate digital marketing company you need. We offer 360o service designed to cover every aspect of your online marketing presence and keep it fresh and up-to-date.

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