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8 Ways to Get Leads Using Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Whether you are just starting out in the real estate industry or are ready to reboot the way you reach out to leads and clients, it is important to keep up with new trends and new platforms for real estate digital marketing. Whether your goal is reaching a new audience through content creation or you want to nurture your existing sphere of influence in order to increase referrals, digital marketing offers you round-the-clock lead generation potential.

8 Ways to Get Leads Using Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Websites

An attractive and high quality real estate website forms the basis of your digital marketing plan. It allows you to provide information about yourself, your real estate business, and your service, provide additional original content, and capture leads to assist with your other marketing efforts.

Make sure that you have a high functioning site in order to ensure that your potential clients enjoy fast-loading pages and images. In addition, make sure that the site is fully optimized on the backend so that you rank high for searches related to your local market. Working with a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in real estate content can help you to ensure both optimum website design and functionality.

Email Marketing

Whenever you are capturing contact information -- whether at open houses, community events, or through a pop-up at your website -- it is essential that you focus on capturing email addresses. This will allow you to use an email platform either through your website, your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, or through an independent bulk email provider like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to market your leads through targeted emails.

Whether you are providing market updates, offering a calendar of local events, or sharing content that you have created, a well-designed and attractive email sent on a consistent basis can be a smart way to connect with current and potential clients. Create a variety of audience segments in order to make your marketing even more effective. You can segment by neighborhood, niche, or other audience particulars.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is all about engagement, so it is important that the things you share are interesting, attractive, and most of all fun! In addition, you need to respond to comments on your social media posts in order to convert them to the more meaningful conversations that can lead to clients.

Video content is especially popular right now and can help you convey your services in an attention-getting way. Make sure that you are posting consistently -- it is better to be consistent on one or two platforms than to be inconsistent across many. Remember, the goal is not to be on every platform; the goal is to authentically engage with your audience and bring attention to your real estate company.

Landing Pages

If you would like to highlight specific aspects of your services, you might consider landing pages as part of an overall digital marketing footprint. You could have a variety of landing pages as lead generators for separate niches, separate neighborhoods, or separate services like property management, buying, and listing.

Make sure that your landing pages include a strong call to action (CTA) so that people know where to go for more information or to connect with you one-on-one. You might want to drive traffic to your main website or have them reach out to you directly with a phone call or email. You may also want to provide an incentive like an ebook or whitepaper in order to encourage readers to connect.

Real Estate Blog Posts

If you enjoy writing, you might want to share your expertise and market knowledge through a real estate blog. Write about the process of buying a home, selling a home, offer pricing insights, or provide market updates. Write about topics that your ideal client is looking for in order to drive traffic to your blog -- and eventually to your website.

If you don't want to write specifically about real estate, you can consider blogging about local issues, community amenities, recreational opportunities, and more. Share your knowledge of the local food scene or the best hiking trails. Blog about life as a parent or pet owner in your area. Find your audience and communicate with them, then convert them into clients. In many ways, digital marketing for real estate agents is as much about highlighting the place as the person.

Video Content

If you'd rather talk to a camera than write, consider starting a YouTube channel or have your own "show" on Facebook or Instagram. Create video content that is engaging and shareable, connecting with current and potential clients as you share your insight. You don't need a fancy camera or crew -- just a consistent plan for creating and posting your videos.

Want to take the focus off you? Many real estate agents find that their most popular videos are interviews with local figures from small business owners to local politicians. Use your platform and your audience to highlight the best people and places in your town -- and win new fans and followers to your other platforms.


Join with another agent or a local figure and start your own podcast. Discuss market conditions, value-added home improvements, and negotiations. Interview contractors, stagers, or landscapers. The possibilities are endless and you'll make your name as the local real estate expert.

Videotape your podcasts and upload those videos to YouTube. Have a transcriptions service turn the podcast episodes into written content and upload to your blog. Repurposing content helps you reach people in the format they prefer without duplicating your efforts.

Forums and Question Platforms

Participate in a forum like Nextdoor or a question-and-answer platform like Quora to burnish your credentials as the local expert. Find out what people are wondering about and answer their questions with care and thought. You'll find that many of the readers will visit your other platforms in order to learn more about you and your expertise.

Use the questions you answer as the basis for your next blog post, video, or podcast. Since you know people are already interested in the topic, you'll drive more traffic and create more engagement from your fans and followers.

Digital marketing is not an option -- it's a necessity. Working with marketing consultants who specialize in real estate can help you create and implement a plan that works. Choose the platform or platforms you prefer, then build your content creation and sharing into your schedule. You'll reach out more effectively to your local community and build an online community for referrals as well. Real estate digital marketing is a great way to connect and share with a larger audience.

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Guides September 19, 2019
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