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20 Facebook Marketing Ideas For Realtors to Get Qualified Leads

Do you ever feel like everyone in your Facebook feed is posting the same-old selfies, memes, and random questions? Everyone knows when it comes to social media marketing, the only rule is "Don't be boring!" Whether you're looking for more engagement among organic followers to your Facebook page or are trying to step up response from your Facebook ads, these Facebook marketing ideas are sure to help you win more friends, followers, and qualified leads.

20 Facebook Marketing Ideas For Realtors to Get Qualified Leads

1. Get Real with Video

When it comes to Facebook engagement, video rules. People on Facebook love the authenticity and unexpected qualities of video content, so Facebook marketing for real estate agents should focus on video content. While you may think you are not young enough or cute enough to be a virtual video star, you'll find that none of that matters. Your friends and followers want to engage with the real you

But don’t worry. Not all social media marketing videos have to be live action videos. Some alternatives include animation, whiteboard and motion graphics, just to name a few. There are a wide range of apps and platforms that help you do this yourself through their subscription services, as well as plenty of options that help you hire people to do it quite cost-effectively.

2. Feature Local School Events

When people are ready to buy a home, one of the main driving factors in their decision-making is often the local school system. Showcase a Friday night football game, a Spring musical, or the first day of school festivities. You'll give people a glimpse of real life in your market and help them picture themselves and their children there. Remember to factor in your target audience when including local school events. Not every family will be interested in the same thing. Consider getting a good mix of sports teams related content as well as various after school clubs.

3. Share Original Content

Stop spending all of your time sharing content from HGTV and other big platforms. Pay attention to opportunities for highlighting you and your brand. If you have a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, use your Facebook feed to share your latest post. It's a great way to show off your expertise and make you an influencer in your market.

Consider hosting local guests to give your potential buyers and renters a flavor of the nice, interesting and charismatic people that live and run businesses (more on that to come) in the area. If you’re unsure of where to begin start small and scale up. Start taking videos using your phone and use editing software before putting them up and consider sharing some interesting property market thoughts and ideas as status updates on your preferred social media platform.

4. Engage Live from an Open House

Do a Facebook Live video from your next Open House. Showcase the home so that potential buyers can stop in IRL or check out the home virtually. Show off the home's best features -- and your role as the local listing agent of choice.

Just remember to spend time prepping, which includes preparing a simple script of talking points re. the property. You should also test your connection beforehand, as an unstable internet connection can ruin the broadcast. When it comes to your equipment, consider using a tripod to avoid having a shaky image, and ensure your microphone is well-placed to capture your voice clearly.

Also, promote the open house leading up to the scheduled broadcast day using your other channels. Consider creating a short teaser video or a flyer and include it in your posts to make them more eye-catching and engaging.

5. Feature Local Business Owners

Your real estate Facebook marketing doesn't have to just focus on real estate. Highlight local business owners and entrepreneurs to bring attention to your market's vibrant local shopping and service sector. By putting the focus on others, you show that you are an integral part of the local business community -- and you create a network of prominent local professionals with whom to trade referrals. Just remember that not every business owner needs to be on there. Consider people that have been in the area a long time or those that have businesses that would entice your potential clientele.

6. Give a Shout-out

One of the best ways to show your heart and your appreciation is by giving a shout-out when someone provides excellent service. That barista who made the perfect cup of coffee, the Lyft driver who made your trip more fun, or the travel agent who saved the day on your last vacation -- all of these folks deserve a word of thanks, and you have the platform to provide it. It brings your business to life and makes areas more personable.

7. Do a Q&A

You are the real estate expert so shouldn't your real estate Facebook marketing reflect that? Yes, it should! Become the virtual expert by answering questions on Facebook. Gather together some common questions that people ask to get you started, then encourage your Friends and Followers to send along more. Make sure your answers are thoughtful and considered. It’s no good having a Q&A with basic answers that are either already self-evident or that don’t bring an area to life. Try and include some questions and answers that only someone that knows the area well would know.

8. Showcase Self Care

Self-care is a hot topic on many platforms right now and everyone is looking for health and wellness content. Share what you do to take care of yourself, such as stress reduction techniques, and highlight local wellness practitioners like yoga studios and health-food chefs. Of course, this largely depends on your target audience. It's sure to get great engagement, especially among the huge Millennial and Baby Boomer demographics. Consider various factors like whether or not there are great places to go for a walk and/or run, the levels of fresh air, and grocery shopping options for those more inclined to want organic produce.

9. Show Off Your Town

What are the iconic sights and sounds of your neighborhood? Take people on a tour of local parks, hidden gems, shopping and dining, and more. For people who are on social media trying to find out if your local area is the right place to buy a home, you'll give them a real-world taste of the local lifestyle. You could feature tours based on various themes, such as F&B, exercise spots, date nights for $100 or less, and so many more! Just be sure to make it fun and engaging. With so much information available online, including readily available information won’t really add any value. Similar to the point above about content, think about ways to provide valuable information to prospective clients.

10. Connect with Local Builders

Many home buyers are fascinated with new construction, so why not connect with some local builders and follow the process of building their latest home or neighborhood? You'll generate some new interest in their services and they'll remember you when they're looking for real estate services. Link this idea with the new content one mentioned earlier. You could find yourself having your very own reality show!

11. Drive Traffic to Other Platforms

You have a beautiful website, landing page, and other social media platforms, but does anyone know about them? Turn Facebook friends into Instagram followers. Show off the functionality of your website, including home search functions or market updates to make all of your platforms more engaging.

Make sure that, whatever platform your content is on, it matches thematically. That means you’re sending the same content out from a conceptual point of view. Each platform will have its dos and don’ts but your goal and message should remain the same.

12. Use Stories to Share Your Days

Take your Friends through a day-in-the-life of a busy real estate agent by using Facebook Stories to check in. Show them all of the places you go in your local market and how you create great outcomes for your clients. It will impress and inspire them -- and win you more clients. The intricacies of any job can be lost on people that aren’t involved in the day-to-day. Choose some interesting stories to tell and share them regularly.

13. Add Value Before Asking for Anything

Some people try to use Facebook as a platform for a constant virtual sales pitch. That can get old, and result in less engagement -- the opposite of the effect you're going for. The more you add value with pitch-free content, the more effective any direct digital marketing messages will be. Yes, that means you need to get into the head of those you’re selling to. What is it they want to see? What is it they want to know? How much information can you afford to give them? How much information is enough to entice them into contacting you? What are they going to find useful? What do they already know? Answer those sorts of questions and you’ll see that you can start to provide valuable content.

14. Share Your Personal Story

"Tell me a story" is one of the first phrases children learn to say. Everyone loves stories and everyone is curious about other people's lives. Learn to communicate your story authentically and in a way that your audience can relate to. What have you overcome? How did you learn the business? What brought you to your town? Making your marketing personal makes it more relatable and authentic -- a good thing for connecting with potential clients. Your average client really does want to connect with an individual – even people that are selling to them. It’s a way of building trust and feeling safe. So, be authentic. Your story will resonate with many people. Think of the nuances and what makes it unique and share that.

15. Share a Quote, Meditation, or Thought of the Day

Among the most popular content you'll find Quote of the Day or a daily meditation or contemplation. Keep it interesting -- don't share the same old quotes everyone uses -- and make it attractive by designing a graphic card on Canva or WordSwag. And again, make sure that you consider your target audience. Inspiring sayings about families and children might not resonate with bachelors and yuppie couples.

16. Teach a Skill

Many younger home buyers no longer have traditional skills like home repair or improvements. Even simple tasks like changing out a light fixture or upgrading to a nicer faucet can be a huge money-saver and a valuable skill to learn. If you have some basic home repair skills, share them with your Friends in videos. Are you a great gardener? Share that green thumb -- and the knowledge that goes along with it -- for new homeowners looking to DIY their landscaping. If you can, make sure the videos are well produced. But don’t let that put you off. Ask your client base what they would like to learn about and get videoing.

17. Share a Recipe

If you're a great cook, create your own mini-cooking show to share your best recipes. This is great content for holiday-time or it could be a weekly staple of your feed. If you do Facebook ads, consider choosing your most popular and high-engagement recipes and boosting them to bring in some new Followers to your feed. Even better, lean heavily on dishes or cuisines that are specific to the area. And if there’s a particularly popular restaurant with a great dish, try and recreate it!

18. Focus on Pets

Pets are always a fun focus, and you'll get lots of engagement with pet-related content. Share an upscale doghouse from your latest listing, a pet blessing ceremony from the local church, or a pet parade in a local neighborhood. Also, consider showcasing some pets in the area and let potential customers know what their favorite spots are – a specific hill in the park, perhaps?

19. Take a Poll

Find out what people think about home design, processes, and more. Post an unusual design feature from a model home, show two versions of your new logo or headshot, or otherwise give your Friends and Followers a chance to engage by sharing their insights and opinions. Be careful not to use photos from a local listing or from a client -- you don't want to invite any negative comments that would create hurt feelings.

20. Share Some Eye Candy

Share the most expensive mansion in your zip code or an eye-popping model home to give your Facebook feed some glamour. Facebook marketing for real estate is all about highlighting the very best of each property and each market. Show off the latest and greatest in-home design and beautiful architecture to keep potential buyers checking in. Boost your post with Facebook ads for even more reach.

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