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10 Lead on Demand Hacks to Generate Seller Leads in Real Estate

Find out how to make your real estate social media marketing more effective, more compelling, and more fun to bring in more leads.

10 Lead on Demand Hacks to Generate Seller Leads in Real Estate

We've all been there: you've just come off of a busy season or an influx of listings and now, as you reach the final closings, you realize that you don't have enough new seller leads in your pipeline. It seems that all real estate businesses go through this cycle, either seasonally or through inconsistent social media real estate marketing.

Ongoing and effective social media management for real estate agents requires a thorough knowledge of your target audience, the needs of buyers and sellers in your area, and strategies to showcase your knowledge of the real estate industry. Find out how you can implement more effective real estate social media marketing campaigns to generate the quality leads you need to find your future clients.

1. Sell the community, not yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes agents make in their real estate social media marketing is spending all their time developing sales pitches based around their expertise, personality, and services. Your perspective sellers aren’t interested in you but what you can do for them. The best way to sell the value of your services is to become the go-to expert in your market. When you use your social media accounts to talk about the best features of your community—the schools, parks, grocery stores, or healthcare centers near it, you showcase an in-depth knowledge and specialization in a territory that other agents do not have or cannot compete with. Knowing the ins and outs of an area establishes you as an authority and helps you show your passion for the job. When you talk about a neighborhood with insightful knowledge, you'll automatically make an impression on both buyers and sellers and develop top-of-mind expertise and recognition.

What’s more, when you know the community you are selling intimately, you will automatically attract the clientele interested in it—helping you become a niche specialist. This will help you hone the information your customers are looking for so that you design strategic lead generation tools that pay off.

2. Create original content

Using the internet in the right way is one of the best ways to generate leads. Maintaining a regularly updated website is one good strategy to get your real estate brand seen and your business top of mind. This means posting pieces of information and real estate-related advice, tips, and insights that are of interest to your customers. It’s important to create content that is original not only because it generates interest and adds value, but also because quality information helps you generate backlinks. As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, backlinks make Google’s search algorithms look at you (and your website) as something that has credibility and trust.

Too often, many real estate agents share content from home improvement channels, home design magazines, and generic content farms. This does nothing to show future clients what you know and what you can do for them. When you create original content and share it on your social media accounts, you have the opportunity to make an impression for the best real estate lead generation.

3. Highlight local connectors

Everyone knows someone who knows everyone else—those connectors who seemed to effortlessly remember faces, names, and where they last met. Many of these socially connected folks are business owners, teachers, political figures, and other prominent members of the community. Interview them about their latest award, initiative, or passion project. You'll not only have a great story that generates engagement on your social media platforms, but the connector will also share the information—and you—with his or her huge network of social media friends, fans, and followers. Highlighting local connectors also gives depth to your involvement in, and information about a certain area.

4. Seek out reviews and testimonials

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 41% of sellers who used a real estate agent found their agents through a referral by friends or family. What’s more, according to surveys, an estimated 62% of online homebuyers say they would contact an agent online based on clearly posted positive reviews by real customers. This is because the act of buying and selling property is an emotional exercise.

Highlighting your clients is not only a great way to show your appreciation but it also boosts engagement and is one of the best real estate lead generation tactics! When you know your last client had a great experience and you’re the one that helped get them there, highlight the fact with a story, picture, or a shoutout. Better yet, get a client to drop a line of praise about you or your business on their home buying anniversary.

5. Create video content

Today, video is the most viewed and shared content on most social media platforms. Real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than without. Therefore, for an effective social media marketing campaign for real estate agents you have to include video so that you can compete with other agents in your market. You don't have to be the youngest or the cutest to create effective video content; people want to see what it would be like to work with you and what you know about the real estate industry and your community.

Two kinds of video content generate leads and attract potential customers. They are:

  • Evergreen videos:

    Evergreen videos include generic content like community introduction videos, “How To” guides, testimonial videos, and brand culture videos that introduce your business to potential clients.

  • Property listing videos:

    These are specific videos with a shorter life span that relate to properties that are in the market for sale. From luxury real estate listings to guided tours and “quick-to-sell” property videos, these can be posted across your website or social media channels for the best kind of real estate lead generation.

6. Optimize for individual platforms

Modern real estate marketing is increasingly becoming digital. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and magazine listings. Social media is now an indispensable component of any marketer’s strategy. To generate leads you need to be working across some of the more popular social media platforms. These include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great ways to generate interest and drive new leads. Instagram’s feed and stories allow for beautiful visuals and short, simple posts. They help keep you relevant and accessible in the everyday life of any potential clients!

Similarly, Facebook Ads are another cost-effective lead generation method that allows you to target existing leads in your database with the Custom Audiences feature. Using Facebook to create a group for your business also helps you easily highlight new listings, feature client testimonials, and reviews while providing new leads an idea of what may be in store for them as homebuyers. Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to connect with specific customers and share content that inspires interest. These can be in the form of real estate-related articles, information, and downloadable content.

One thing to note though is that optimizing content for each platform leads to the best kind of real estate lead generation. Just because you can automatically share content from one social media platform to another doesn't mean that you should. Resist the temptation to auto-share your social media posts to followers across your various accounts and optimize each post for each platform. Using hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, optimizing image sizes, and taking other steps that differentiate your content for the unique requirements of each of your social media accounts will help you show up easier and in a more organic way across your potential customers’ feeds and stories.

7. Optimize for your target audience

Social media management for real estate agents requires you to take into account your target audience and the demographics of your various social media platforms. Facebook, for example, tends to skew to an older audience so it might be the perfect place to show a walkthrough video for a large family home or retirement community. On the other hand, Instagram, with its younger average user age, might work better for promoting an in-town condo. Take a look at the audience for each of your platforms and see what content engages the most, then use those differences to guide your future content.

8. Create better Facebook posts

Gone are the days of brief status updates on Facebook. To cut through the clutter, it's important to take advantage of the variety of tools Facebook offers to optimize each post. Ideally, you should:

  • Tag your location so that your potential customers have an exact idea of where a property is located. Geo-tagging also allows for views of nearby amenities and services.

  • Use video or a link to your original content (for example, a blog post). This pushes customers to your website where they may be inclined to leave their email information or phone number.

  • Create an opportunity for engagement with a question. This helps you find out exactly what specific information your clients are looking for, helping you create more targeted lead generation tools and campaigns.

  • Monitor and respond to comments. Nothing says professionalism like keeping on top of client requests and queries. It not only shows regular engagement but by answering comments regularly, Facebook keeps your post relevant.

  • Boost particularly high-engagement posts. Remember, the more engagement your post gets the more frequently Facebook will show your content to your friends and followers. It makes more sense to spend the time crafting a highly engaging Facebook post than to fill up your feed with been-there, done-that memes or one-liners.

9. Use Instagram Stories

Many people love the beautifully curated quality of a well-developed Instagram feed, but Instagram stories are getting most of the engagement for many real estate agents. Offering enhanced placement and the opportunity to stay top-of-mind, Instagram stories allow you to be a little more playful, more spontaneous, and a lot more engaging than you can in a carefully composed post. Through Instagram’s stories you can plan house tours, go live with a happy client in a Q & A, do introductory videos, or “How To” guides. With Instagram’s latest feature that allows you to park highlighted videos on your feed, you can continue to drive engagement and leads through repeat viewings.

10. Study your analytics

More homebuyers are making up their minds about the properties they’re interested in online before moving the conversation offline. All of the social media real estate marketing in the world won't help if you don't know who you're talking to and what effect your content is having. You need to find out how visitors are getting to your site. What search engines are they using? Is it direct traffic through your website or referral traffic? Using analytics can tell you which of your pages are driving the most traffic and which are getting the most social sharing. Is it the blog posts, your homepage or the listings search pages? Knowing which elements of your marketing campaign (contact form? newsletter signup? social sharing button?) are generating the most leads through conversion events is also important so that you can fine-tune your strategies for smarter engagement. Knowing this can help you promote the content that is generating leads. Similarly, knowing the time of day/ week/ month of the year when there is a peak in interest can give you a better idea of who your potential leads are and what they are looking for. Keep an eye on ideal times of day, days of the week, topics, and formats so that you have a better understanding of how to capture attention and improve your lead generation efforts. Checking your analytics regularly to see who is following you, who's engaged, and what content is driving that engagement is one of the best ways to drive lead generation that brings more customers into your sales funnel.

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Guides October 10, 2019
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